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Does the PROcede log low fuel pressure? Are you sure you needed the inline pump? With methanol injection it should not be required for your power levels. Without methanol injection you might have had a low fuel pressure issue but the codes alone would not really indicate that. You would need to log low fuel pressure to see if its dropping at higher RPM. BMS found when it drops below 50psi or so bad things happen.

Debug byte 4 logs fuel pressure and the output should stay above 2v under boost. When it drops below 2v, the DME will through the LPFP code.

Did I need the pump? No... I could have dump Methanol at the engine and it probably would have been fine. But most people including myself doesn't want to use Methanol, at least in my case not all the time.

Honestly, I haven't taken the time to log debug byte 4 sense I got home. With the rain and cooler weather, it's really hard to log due to wheel spin. I'm sure there will be a thread specifically for this and technical data will be provided.