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Was a good aftermarket solution? Its an OE solution that can outflow the HPFP. It is not dropping pressure anywhere. Terry's RB car on 100% E98 (requires more fueling than 100% E85) is not losing low pressure anywhere in the rev range. That includes peak torque, which btw is not where you would max a low pressure pump at (this happens at peak power). He is making well over 500whp with no meth and the bad bsfc that comes along with stock housings. It seems you have evidence this is not the case though. I'd love to see it and get down to the bottom of this since I am considering upgrading the low pressure system and have been waiting to see the results of both solutions.

That being said, I was hoping for something a little more professional than a booster pump slapped on to compensate for the stock pump. I will wait to pass judgment on this inline booster pump, but to me the concept sounds more like an "aftermarket solution" that doesn't integrate properly with the OE fuel system. If the stock pump doesn't flow enough it should be replaced with one that does. Maybe I am missing something, guess we will see.
I think I finally got this. There is a high pressure fuel pump and a low fuel pressure pump. The low fuel pressure pump brings fuel to the high fuel pressure pump. The idea of the booster pump is to help the low fuel pressure pump bring more fuel to the high fuel pressure pump while keeping the orignal low fuel pressure pump in the tank. The other solution is to install a stronger low fuel pressure pump in the tank and not have an extra booster pump at all. So what is better???