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agreed. That light is for both the parking brake and the brake pad sensor. If the pads are new but you (or the previous owner) never cleared the notice... here's how you do it:

Click your key into the slot, without pressing the brake press the start button. This would put you into "Service Info Menu"... hold the odometer reset button in your dash until a triangle icon comes up and then goes away then let go of the odometer button. Using your toggle button on your turn signal lever (to the left of the steering wheel) to go through the different services and select the one that applies to your brakes (it will easy as long as you have common sense). Once there, click the outer button on that lever to select and let go. Then, once again, hold that button until the check box for your brakes is reset. Your brake light should be gone at this point as long as your brake system is good to go (i.e., your parking brake not set and all your pads have adequate use left in them, the sensors do not need replacing).

If the light comes back, then you most likely have a worn pad or multiple worn pads... time to get them changed. If the pads look good, then the pad wear sensors should be replaced. You can find them on ebay for about $20, no big deal.