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Thumbs down BMW of the Main Line, PA - SERVICE WORST!

I knew eventually something would happen to my car ever since I stepped foot into their service area. Long story short, every single time I go in for service, I repeatedly tell them " do no wash the car" and I tell them this about 5x. It's even written on the bottom of my appointment email confirmation, the receptionist and SA both know how I am paranoid about this, and it's even stated on the statement/paperwork you get that to not wash my car.

Well, it's happen twice, the first time I was pissed but i didn't say anything and I let it go, I can tell water was on my car and half of it was just dry wiping which is the worst thing you can possibly do, but whatever fine. However, TODAY, they did it again! and this time in the sunlight I can see all of these micro scratches that weren't there before, being how OCD I am and how much I shine a light on my car, I know what's been there and what's not. And the whole car looks totally diff as you can see all of these micro scratches n wiping swirls, and there's this one circle scratch that looks like a light key mark. This all happened EVEN THOUGH I stated a million times not to wash my car. I could understand if you told them once and they forgot, okay whatever right... But telling them a million times yet they still do it is unacceptable.

I ended up talking to both the SA and Service Manager about this, and they both were rude, they started saying I exaggerated about the damages, they insist to polish it out themselves for me, I SAID NO as I don't trust anyone from BMW to do any detailing. The SA tells me how am I not going to trust him because he detailed cars for over 15 years. Ummm okay...u been detailing cars for 15 yrs ..yet...when I tell you to make sure not to get my car washed you can't even do that? The service manager starts using his shirt and wiping down the scratch aggressively, I told him to stop cause ull get make it worst and the SA starts mocking me like" yeah stop dont touch it!"... I guess to rub in how picky I was. More into the situation the SA even mention how they use one of those squeegee blade on the cars. Yeah exactly why I didn't want no one washing it . The way they acted towards me was a complete shock. Not once they did act like they cared for my car at all.

There's more to how bad their attitude was towards me but to keep a long story short they did compensate me with an accessory from bmw that I was able to choose from (after I said if they weren't going to help me at all, I'll report them to someone higher in the company). But, i still wasn't pleased at all on how this was handled. Not to mention their prices are high since they are the only dealership in Philly. The place is a complete mess, only 1 out of their 5-6 SAs is actually a nice person. Their front receptionist looks pissed off everytime i'm their and their cashier woman looks mean too. I'm done with this place. I will be taking my car to a BMW dealership in South Jersey from now on.

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