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Originally Posted by _ink View Post
Was there any outcome to this? Im having the exact same issues on my e92 2009 CIC'
Finally worked it out with issues that popped up along the way.. I got a CHASSIS is Faulty error message after attempting to update to Daten v45 - which i assume had some corrupt files. I got the link from a forum member for the v45 files on another thread so beware when downloading.

The fix that i took was to uninstall everything and start from the scratch! I used the last backup files that i was successful with during the reinstall and then tested on the car - SUCCESS!!

That still didn't fix my issue in access the CIC module however, so i located DATEN v47 files which are the latest available and copied over only the:
  • Daten E89
    ECU files

The link is below which i sourced from another forum member, so credit to whoever uploaded them as they have been tested by me and are successful.

Happy Coding! And I thought i'd just put my work through process to help anyone else out there who may get stuck or are looking for the latest DATEN V47 files...

It's sad to see that so many forum members standard reply is 'search' when these files are soo hard to find from a credible source.