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Originally Posted by kiwi29 View Post
Ouch, to have that loudness, you'd need a resonator and cat delete. Expand the piping after the muffler and keep it at 2.5in and go with your quad. Try the cherry bomb extreme since you are in the sound pursuit like I am lol
When you do a resonator delete, use the muffler in place of the resonator and have the dual outlet feed out behind the axle and split it into a quad setup. If you find that its not loud enough, just do a full race pipe set up (no cats, resonator, or muffler) I recommend keeping the cats on the headers though. It'll still be extremely loud
lol damn, i want to keep my car smog legal by all means so a cat delete is out of the question for me . i was going to do a resonator delete with a universal muffler so your idea is similar to what i was thinking of, but if i put the muffler where the resonator is i'm afraid the sound would come more from "under" the car as opposed to the rear, is that a problem? since the muffler would be placed more in the middle of the chasis as opposed to the rear. i have no clue why in my original pic i included a resonator i was going to put straight pipes there lol, guess i wasn't thinking when i drew that pic haha

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