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Originally Posted by nitehawk View Post
MT guys need some kind of launch control to limit boost in first gear. Hint hint Cobb Tuning
Limiting boost has been available for JB4 and Procede and later on Procede got the traction control that, on the contrary to the BMW traction control, does not limit the power too much and actually makes you quicker in daily driving. However, for the strip for getting into 10s with RBs & MT, traction control and boost limiting is not what you need, but instead you'd need to have all the grip in the world (track prep + slicks) to max the boost and 2-step to get the boost up already before the launch. Cobb does not have any of the above mentioned features though that the piggies have... I believe someone could get into 10s with RBs with MT given 2-step, slicks, track prep, weight reduction, FBO, race gas, meth, low temps, sea level....if not, add one or more of the following: upgraded inlet manifold, upgraded TMAP sensor, upgraded inlet tubes, cylinder head job.