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Thanks for all the comments guys!

Originally Posted by J-Spec Dan View Post
wanna fly over to Michigan and work on my car?? incredible attention to detail and madddd props!
No problem, so long as you pay me for a flight, hotel, hourly rate - i'm game if you are

Originally Posted by Nick325I_QC View Post
Omg incredible detailling, interested in visiting Canada ?
Thanks man! Same as above coming to Canada lol

Originally Posted by MARIO K View Post
AMAZING work!!! where did you get that steering wheel trim?!!
Thanks brother, its from the BMW X1

I was little suprised no one round here or any of the UK forums had cotten'd onto it to be honest!

Part no: 32306853142

Originally Posted by Josh1a1h View Post
Foooook me! I would be scared to do that! Great job bud! The results are impressive!

What's the stuff that turns a blood red colour? What does it actually do?


Iron X removes Iron particles that have stuck to the wheel, which in most cases aren't even visiable to the eye but over time does mute the colour of the wheels. When it goes red as it is (often called bleeding) thats the product breaking the iron particles down. Wolfs Deiorniser does the same thing.

Originally Posted by research View Post
Amazing attention to detail, wow. Best looking E91 Lemans there is, even if it\s not modded that much.

Btw, is that a steering wheel insert from X1?
Thanks! Corrent on the wheel trim

Originally Posted by nuttallacpw View Post
Best colour spec combination IMO love the blue on the tourers.

out of interest what coilovers are you running on? it sits lovely!
Thanks! Weitec coilovers

Originally Posted by Eudezet View Post
Sweet, I've also have montego blue Do you have coils or lowering springs ? What size of tiers you have
Weitec Coilovers.

Wheels & Tyres are Toyo Proxes TR-1
9x19 final ET27 235/35 front
10x19 final ET18 265/30 rear

Originally Posted by Florida Boy View Post
Very impressive to say the least!!! Wish i could have someone do my car. Need a vacation to Fl?
Thanks man!

I could do with a vacation, but not to do wetsanding lol.