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Thanks for advice everyone.

Originally Posted by Reznick View Post
THis just sucks and we're all seeing these threads too often.I had it done to mine , but only on the hood( I guess that could be called lucky)From what I can see its scratches down through the clear at the very lest. Its gonna need to go to the body shop. I'd start by calling your insurance and go from there. Does the scratch go from the quarter panel to the rear door or all the way to the front fender?. Either way I hate to say it , but its not gonna be cheap.I do a lot of custom painting and I hate to say it but I've never seen a touched up scratch or something that has been blended that ends looking good. Especially with a really dark color. Sorry...some days I really hate people
It goes from the quarter panel to roughly the handle of the front passenger door.

I've never had this happen, so I'm unfamiliar, but it really does NOT look very deep, perhaps just the clear coat? But I could be dead wrong. If it's just the clear, does that make the repair any easier/less expensive?

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