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Some advice I picked up after having lost 45 pounds this year:

1) Eat more salads. Dressing on the side, but if you can go without then even better.
2) Water, lots of it. And try to avoid Diet sodas and drinks that use Aspartame or Sucralose. Drinks with Stevia are not as bad from what I read.
3) Eat more often, but still be wary of calories. At the end of the day, its simple math: extra 3500 calories burned makes you lose a pound. What you ate to induce that calorie deficit will determine how that weight loss will look on you and how it will continue. Basically 100 calories of chocolate is obviously different than 100 calories of lettuce.
4) Find good snack foods that make you full and are good for you. My favorites are baby carrots, macintosh apples, unsalted raw almonds.
5) Pick one food that you love and break up with it. Mine was cheese, oh dear god how much I love cheese, but it does not love me back.
6) As far as workouts go, you need to vary your cardio. Otherwise your body will eventually get used to it and it wont be as effective. Also keep in mind that people store excess weight differently. I stored a lot in my butt and hips so I focused on spin classes, stairclimbers, and crossramps.
7) Have a cheat day. This is probably the most important thing. You will lose your mind if you dont eat the foods you love at least once a week. Obviously keep it within reason, you dont want to negate all the hard work you put in all week.

Im always up to discuss stuff like this, shoot me a PM if anything, and good luck!
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