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Originally Posted by ign335i View Post
Refer to either of the threads on the other two forums regarding the E85 pump. The data is right there. I cannot cross post it or I could get banned.

The info you copied somewhere from the internet is correct. What that stipulates is that running pumps in series jacks up the pressure and thus only flows more if you are losing pressure. The upgraded LPFP is NOT losing pressure. Are you suggesting we raise the stock pressure limit (I am not necessarily opposed, just genuinely curious)?

Btw, if you go back to the website you were just on and look at the schematic right below it, you will see that two pumps in parallel is a much more effective method of increasing flow rather than pressure... Kind of surprised you didn't post that.

Correct. We have yet to see which is better. They both get the job done, it really just comes down to price, ease of install, etc. Imho replacing the low capacity pump is preferable to slapping another pump on after it.

This statement is patently false. Are you seriously saying there isn't a single pump in the world that can flow enough to feed our HPFP??? There is and its already out there running. Its the pump Walbro designed for running E85 on which there are DIYs for... Even if its not that pump, to say there isn't a single pump that can flow enough is just plain wrong.
You make a good argument, but I'm currently running an inline booster and have no issues with LP codes running 100% e85. I'm not saying the other solution isn't a viable solution, it's an optional solution. Yes, I could have replaced my LPFP with a new one, but others did so and were still having the same issue. For me, adding the booster pump fixed the issue. So to me that was a good indication that it wasn't a pressure related issue, but more of a volume related issue at peak demand. So, you can argue your point, or you can go buy one, test it, and provide a conclusion. Until then, your just making assumptions.