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Originally Posted by OECMG View Post
Cars running the bigger in tank pump are getting a LPFP code and those running the booster pump are not? ign335i said using the single larger pump prevented the LPFP code too.
No one is telling you that you can't go out and buy the biggest pump you can find and customize it to fit your car. You have options and that's why I can't understand why people keep making a big deal out of this. If your LPFP is failing, replace it. You can replace it using the DIY with the Walbro E85 pump, or pickup a new OEM. Or you now have the option of running a plug-n-play inline booster pump that goes inside your tank. It's very simple, but you have to make your own choice. I can tell you all day long that it works for me and I have it installed and have tested it. Or you can listen to someone assumptions because they are skeptical, haven't tested it, but still think they know better. Trust me, I was skeptical also... but again, it works...