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Updated DME software

This guy posted something about updated DME Software fixing wastegate rattle. I'm wondering if I should look into having this done/ if I qualify to have it done. Especially since this guy was turned away from the wastegate warranty because of outdated DME software.

Here's the quote

Originally Posted by Dancccp View Post
As a follow up to my last post
Just got off the phone with my SA over at Life Quality

He notified me of SI B 11 13 07 (Attached)

Said that my car doesn't qualify for SI B 01 02 12 because of an outdated DME software. Mine is 06-12-510, needs to be 08-03-530 or higher.

The damage is as follows, 210.00 for the diagnostic + 2 hours of labor to reprogram= $480.00

Said that if problem is not fixed by the DME update, then they will proceed with SI B 01 02 12

They are keeping the car overnight, and will start programming tomorrow morning.