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Originally Posted by E46M54325Ci View Post
Thought this at first, but honestly, the base cayman is a great car too. Especially the LCI (09+) model as it has some of the S features std- 6 spd, S brakes, and some others. When C&D tested an 09 base they found it to be very similar to the pre-09 S car in almost every measure. When I drove the pre-09 base cars I wasn't so sure. When I drove an 09 I knew I wanted it.

It's not just raw power, it really is raw everything. Every time I get back in the bimmer after driving the cayman exclusively for a few days it's like the BMW is jello. I cannot believe it. Now of course the bimmer is easier to drive and more comfy but I never thought it could feel so loose. I always thought the bmw made other cars feel like jello. now that the porshce does that to the bimmer, and having not driven a "regular" car in a while, I cant even imagine what going from a porsche to one of those is like. I'm always behind these putzes in their priuses and camrys saying c'mon you can go faster around this corner. now i'm thinking maybe they really can't?
Yes thats true and I remember the article. The car still handles like an absolute dream. A lot of why I like the S more has to do with the exhaust note. The regualar caman is just way too quite and tame for me. Same goes for base 911.
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