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Originally Posted by zltm089 View Post
With that kind of power Marcel, I would assume you would be driving with all the aids completely off!!!... as they do use up your rear brake pads!...
Not really a big issue if you have a LSD. At least I don't notice any extra wear but then again the rear AP pad is more than twice the size of the puny OEM one. My pad wear is definitely from braking hard on track. Even on a dry track you need to think seriously about what you're doing if you turn all the gizmo's off. It only takes a moment lapse of concentration and you are heading backwards into the unknown.

Originally Posted by Alpina_B3_Lux View Post
Errrr no, because with the usual weather in Luxembourg (rain!) that would not be very wise to do in public traffic! When I went out for a lunch break with a (female) colleague of mine and did just a little drifting on an intersection, that did not go down too well with her...

And when I took a friend of mine out for a spin he almost crapped himself when I floored in on the on-ramp of the motorway. I can still hear him shouting and begging to let off the gas...

before or after lunch? Might be a tad risky after.... Not many expect the rear wheels to spin up on a dry road doing 60mph .

Stop it... you are tempting me .... must resist the urge...