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Originally Posted by Ænema View Post
To be fair, most of the FFTEC single turbo cars are nowhere near 700whp.

But i completely agree with you, any N54 running ~600whp should be comfortably in the HIGH 10s. Given what the RB guys are running with 480whp-500whp.
Powerband width is important. The RB guys are making close to peak power over a wide range. So far Shiv has been tuning for a flat torque curve that only makes big horsepower numbers near redline. Now that dzenno has broken 600ft/lbs at the wheels without breaking anything I'd like to see Shiv tune for that torque level and let it fall off a bit on top end if he runs out of turbo or fuel or whatever. At that point it'll be way easier to run 10s with a single.