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Originally Posted by Vector View Post
I just had my rear brake pads replaced by the dealer under warranty. There was still 11k miles left on the pads according to the wear sensor. Afterwards, when I check the mileage indicator via Idrive, it still states I have 11k miles left. This is even with the brake pads being new. When I called the service guy about resetting the brake pad wear indicator, he told me that it could not be done, and that it would stay at 11k for a while or until the brake pads were worn to about 11k miles left.

Is it true that the wear sensor for the brake pads cannot be reset up to a given point, or were my pads just not replaced?
He doesn't know what he's talking about. You just need to reset the brake pad indicator. My dealer always forgets to reset the computer. If you don't reset the indicator, you are not telling the car that has new pads so the car estimates pad life based on information combined from the old pads. Once you reset it, you'll see that the indicator correctly recalculates reasonable estimations.
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