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Originally Posted by Dark_Knight_335 View Post
All of you mention wet-sanding.
What are your plans for your clear-coats?
Meguiars M205 polish. M105 then M205 if needed.

I've taken out a couple of scratches with the following technique:
  1. clean the area thoroughly; cottonball with alcohol for example.
  2. apply touchup paint to the scratch with a toothpick or a micro brush, use the absolute minimum amount of paint
  3. wet sand the dried touch up paint level with the surface, I used 2000 grit paper cut out with a hole punch and glued to the eraser end of a pencil -- do your best to sand only the touchup paint and minimize how much you get into the surrounding clearcoat.
  4. clean the area to get rid of any sanding detrius
  5. polish with the above Meguiars combo or equivalent
  6. reapply sealant and/or wax to the area

I used to have a link to a web page that showed this technique in detail but can't find it; Google for paint scratch repair and include terms like paper punch and pencil eraser. There are also several youtube videos. One I saw advocated bondo hole putty for very deep scratches as the underlying filler to build up the base. (technically, the guy advocated his special $20 filler that he sold, but it looked and acted exactly he was rebadging Bondo's $3 tubes)