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Originally Posted by Slopp View Post
There is a n55 tuning thread here that Kalud created a while ago. He can probably help you a lot more than I can.

First thing I see is that your boost is pretty low... Max 15psi spike but pretty much sub 14psi throughout the rpm range and dropping.

Your ignition curve is all over the place and at some parts dropping more than 2deg at a time which indicates its being pulled because of knocking.

I'm not sure what the exact difference here is between throttle and pedal? To me those should be the same but maybe it's the throttle blade opening vs your pedal? Kalud would be more familiar with that. If that's the case then there is an issue as you can see its closing mid pull even though your pedal is to the floor.
Thanks. Hopefully mike or Kalud can chime in. I did a 40 to 110mph pull on third gear and that's how I logged it.