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I did purchase a COBB AP and I should have it by next week. Additional comparison between JB4/COBB will be followed after using COBB AP so please stay tuned.

I do have couple questions about COBB AP. Because there are numerous different OTS maps available off COBB website,
1. How do you know which map to go with? Currently I have BMS DCI only. Will I receive any codes if I run Stage2+FMIC Aggressive map (linear throttle) even though it says FMIC, DP is required?
The maps will be based on your current modifications. Being that you have a DCI only, you will want to run the Stage 1 OTS maps only. Of the stage 1 maps, you have Drive (least aggressive), Sport (medium aggressiveness), and Aggressive maps to choose from. As long as you have access to 93 oct, you can run the aggressive maps.

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2. Can you run RACE maps? Since 335is has extra cooling capability, are you able to run maps that exceeds your FBO requirements such as FMIC/DP/Exhaust mods? (Not for everyday commute)
The Cobb RACE maps are only recommended for cars with upgraded intake, intercooler, catless or high flow catted downpipes and either an ethanol mix or race gas.

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3. Are there any protune shops in Michigan for Michigan N54 owners? If not, does e-protune have that much effect over regular protune? What is the gain after e-protune/protune compared to OTS maps? I understand that protune is specifically designed for your own vehicle but there must be an average gain right?

You can check Cobbs website for shops that offer protuning. Etune is a great option, and our resident protuner Jake from is a great guy that can get you some terrific results. Since you like the power that E85 offers, i would suggest contacting him and getting an Etune for some ethanol. Without all the supporting mods to run the Cobb OTS Race maps, an Etune/protune is the only way to take advantage of ethanol.