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Help me read my INPA report

Hi everyone !

The dreaded check engine dashboard light illuminated yesterday for maybe 1 minute when I cold started my car. The time it took me to get my INPA computer out, it was off. The engine ran shacky with misfire during the minute it lasted, worked fine afterward.

Anyway, today I had the time to make a full inspection of the error codes, but I don't understand what I got.

The CEL is not illuminated now, but I got no readings from Voltage secondary air (ADC figure, bottom right). And the Lambda NK1 and NK2 are reading 0ohm. Is this normal (n52 330i) ? Related observation: the car has become gasoholic in the last 2 months, so I suspect failing O2 sensor, but got no related codes so far.

The codes I got don't look like the type that would trigger CEL. I'm not sure what the MOSTGW codes E18C E18D E18F and E191 mean.

Another thing that is strange is that the dynamic reading for timing advance for cyl.1 keeps changing all the time, it varies constantly between 0 and 10, with 2 and 6 being the most common values. Shouldn't that just settle to some steady value (the car was warmed up at this point)?

If someone that knows can help, it would be greatly appreciated
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