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How to handle this?

How would you guys handle this situation.

I ordered some parts online for one of my R/C helicopters and I ran into an issue. I filled out all the shipping information online correctly, but apparently my Paypal address that was verified was from my old apartment back in college. Apparently the company shipped to the verified address, which of course I no longer live at. As soon as I saw the mistake I called the company, which of course they could not reroute the package with USPS at this point. I also went online and filed a change of address with USPS, which takes 7-10 days to go into effect to try and reroute it off before delivery.

Despite my efforts the package was delived to the old apartment.

I went to the old apartment that evening to get the package. Knock on the door, lady answers with her thug son and flat out deny getting any packages. I have the tracking showing it was delivered and she admitted the mail had already passed and she had gotten stuff.

What do you guys think?

Company says it is my problem, USPS shows it was delivered to the right address, not their problem.

I do not trust USPS so the lady may not be lying, maybe it was given to another apartment. Maybe she opened the box and did not want to get in trouble for opening someone elses mail.

It wasnt anything of much value, about $70 worth of parts for a helicopter, usless stuff really to someone not in the hobby.

Do you guys think she is just another POS in America now a days?

What recourse do I have?