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Another Wastegate Rattle Thread - Please read

I recently got an 07 335i under CPO and I believe I'm experiencing the wastegate rattle that has been posted about over and over.

I took the car to the dealer while under warranty (Monday) and they told me that the sound that I was hearing was normal. However upon further reading and driving it doesn't appear to be a normal operating sound. I heard it pretty clearly yesterday while driving around and I wasn't listening for it or anything so I know it's not me just being paranoid.

The warranty expired yesterday and I'm not convinced the car was properly diagnosed on Monday so I want to see what I can work out with BMW and/or this dealership to make sure the problem is properly assessed.

I seem to remember reading a thread that had some reference numbers indicating that programming the car to leave the wastegate open should be the first step and if that doesn't solve the problem them then some of the components if not the entire turbo assembly are to be replaced. I can't seem to find this thread now (although I've seen it multiple times). Does anyone know the thread I'm talking about?

I'm just looking for some help on gathering information so I can talk to the dealer and be as informed as possible and prepared incase they try to tell me it's a non-issue.

Thanks all