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Got winters out of storage - one is at 20 PSI, 3 are 34 PSI

Odd... I stored them all at 38 PSI, and three have dropped to 34 PSI over 6 months but one dropped to 20 PSI. They were stacked on top of each other, with cardboard in between each one.

I didn't note if the one with the lowest pressure was the one on the bottom of the pile, in case the extra weight on it caused it to lose more air than the others, though you'd think that it wouldn't have as big of an impact as above (34 vs. 20)? If it was related to it, you'd expect the second tire on the bottom to have lost more air too, since it would have two on top of it, vs. the last one that had three on top...

So besides a small leak in it somewhere, anything other suggestions what it could be? Or is it normal that different tires sometimes lose different amounts of air over 6 months, and it's within what could be considered normal? I don't recall the tire losing much air before I took them off last year and I measure pressures monthly, so I'm baffled how it could be a leak/puncture...

I'll be monitoring it in a week vs. the others to see if it's still losing more air or not.

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