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Part of the Joy of having a manual is having it in gear

Part of the Joy of having a manual is having it in gear.
And using the brakes as little as possible .
This heal to toe stuff is racing technique and doesn't exactly translate
to everyday driving unless you are in constant street races.
If you just use the brakes to come to a stop it makes no sense if you
are in higher gears. I believe if even says some where in the manual
to go down through the gears as you are slowing down so you don't lug the
car and have it in a gear so that you can respond to whatever you need to.
When driving in the hills I seldom have to use my brakes if the car is in the right gear and the is especially true going down hills.
Another little thing to remember if you let the stick go to the neutral position its automatically centered and the forward is third and back is forth.

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