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Originally Posted by nailer335 View Post
Run motul 300v. Did you get the D4 or D6 ATF? If you actually got ATF I've heard unfavorable reviews on the D4. Edit. You got D6. Good man.

For more horsepowers and stuff, put redline and motul decals along the side skirts and tell people that you're a sponsored racecar driver. The mehicanas love the stickers.

But really, I have this super unique 335i and want to chip it for a bunch of extra horsepowers to beat my daddy's friend's SC Z06 by at least a bus or two. Which superpowerchip should I get? And what stickers come with it?
This is a complicated one... Once you start dealing with stickers and HP, it gets really complicated. I've heard mixed reviews on Motul, and superpowerchips stickers. I've heard that BurgerTuning stickers are solid 5hp each, and i have 2 of those, pretty happy with the result... Shift Sector stickers are supposed to add 1hp for each car that showed up to the event, so you can do the math on that, i'm too lazy. All in all my car is damn near 1000hp, just need minor mods like front bumper clips and thicker intake welds...