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Originally Posted by Cozmos View Post
***cliffs: 2008 335i convertible leaked very badly. Took to dealer 3 times under warranty and they claimed seals were good, there was no real problem, and that they cleaned the seal and the problem was fixed. Took to new dealership (4th time) now not under warranty, seals are bad, amp is ruined, and they want to bill over $5000 to fix. What are my options?

My mother has a 335i convertible. For the past two years she has had considerable problems with the top leaking. Water has been coming in all around the seals, down the windows soaking the interior, as well as through the trunk getting anything in the trunk wet. Living in Oregon where it rains very often, this is a considerable problem. She has taken it in to Rasmussen (now Lithia) BMW in Portland *three* times under warranty specifically for this problem, and each time they have told her there was no problem that they cleaned the seal and that it will be alright. And each time, the next day the top is leaking and just as bad as the day before. A few days ago the speakers in her car started making sporadic static when the radio was off and I suspected it was the amp, and that maybe it had gotten wet. I urged her to take the car to another dealer in town to get it checked out. Turns out the seals are bad, and the amp is now ruined. She is now out of warranty (has the extended warranty) and the fix is not covered, and they are trying to charge her over 3000 for doing new seals, and 1400 for a new amp.
Iím wondering what my options are. Iím thinking the dealer should have caught this while under warranty, especially since the car was taken in THREE times SPECIFICALLY for this problem. Should I contact a BMW rep? etc?

Thanks for your help
Bring copies of the service orders from your previous visits to the other dealership and ask for goodwill repair.