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Silverstone Nov 2012 Trackday Writeup [WITH PICS!]

Hello chaps!

I managed to get myself, along with Icecold (my audio guy!) and Durgesh (fellow Admin on EvoTechnik) (Mitesh and singh were both also meant to attend: But singh couldn't make the rescheduled date and Mitesh is Mitesh! ) up to Silverstone on Friday 23rd Nov for an open pitlane day organised by the BMW Car club UK.

The day was originally planned to go ahead in September: And infact, we even made it all the way there! But the heavens absolutely opened. To the extent that in the end the day had to be called off.
To the extreme credit of Nick Wright from bmwcc and also of course the people at Silverstone, we were offered a raincheck for an alternative date free of charge! That day was the November date. Very good of everyone involved because the reality is Silverstone didn't HAVE to offer us any more than 25% of our money back: And given the day was over 300 per car, that would have stung - to say the least.

I've just the one pic of the cars as they were at the September date, as in the end I managed a paltry lap and a half before having to head back home.. Boo!

So, few pics from the day from my perspective: Followed by pics from the track photographer and even some in car footage

With my pics, You'll have to excuse image quality: All images taken with iPhone 5...

As I posted on facebook that morning: Whilst you guys were queuing to get to work, this was the queue I had in front of me:

Note the M5. Teddy gave me the instruction to "get the M5". More on that later...

Few shots from the paddock area...

Loving this mod! Diet coke mod! It's like my dream car!!!!!

Attached to a cute little radical. Damn this thing could SHIFT..

Nice new shape Hartge Z4..

I tried my best to get some "drive by" shots, again iPhone 5 only..

Gorgeous E30 ...

Some more.. Couple of diggy in here too!

Now you might notice the state of my wheels!

There's a reason for that .. I'll share later on!

Ok so back to Teddy's request for me to get the M5! Mission accomplished........

The guy went over a bit of white paint on the way onto the back straight. Thing is the instructor said in the morning briefing repeatedly "STAY OFF THE PAINT". Also the guy was a bit of a tool. Whoooooops though. What you can't see as I didn't shoot it was the equal amount of damage to the front! In reality, I was getting a passenger run in the silver GTR I got a pic of up there somewhere, when all of a sudden this M5 is all over our arse. I say to the guy in the end, who seems to be getting slightly irratic due to the abuse from behind - to just let the M5 get past. It's not worth it. I should also point out that he was trying to overtake into every apex even though it's completely against trackday etiquette. You overtake on the straights and that's it!

I won't shed a tear for him, but it was upsetting to see the poor car in such a state.

Basically, the very next lap after we let him through, and at the same section we let him through: We saw him in the armco nose first. Got back to the pits and saw the car as above. Oh deary me...

But Teddy, you asked me to get it and I did! Kinda...
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