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So that's it for my pics. As I was mostly behind the wheel after all not behind my phone.

The track photographer got a couple of awesome pics of me going around. Excuse the watermark, I'm not trying to 'steal' his pics, just edited the plates out and lightroom auto watermarked them! All his shots can be found here:

And a couple of Durgesh..

So onto the , see the camera footage I collected from the incarcam.

Video 1: I did explain that my wheels were so dirty for a reason? See the below.

Summary of my thoughts as this video runs through:

Oh snap, I'm overtaking Diggy! Awesome

Oh snap, I'm overtaking an M5! Awesome

Wheeeee, 130mph on the straight. Awesome.

WTF is that car in front of me doing, his ABS is lit up like a Christmas tree! He should learn how to brake. Not awesome.

..............Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.............. Really the opposite of awesome
Then of course for added comedy effect and you can hear the parking sensors clearly enough as I try it..
"Let's reverse out. Oh, not going to work... Awesome."
The massive steam is from the brakes which were close to boiled already by this point. Nothing horrendous from the engine or etc!

The only casualty was my rear 313s got pretty scratched I'll be contacting Dips in due course..

Video 2: Second video, this is the session where I gave Diggy a run round as passenger.

You'll have to excuse the verbal diahorrea from me. I can't help but keep talking!

.....Soooo thats it!

What did I learn? Well firstly that I NEED TO LEARN THAT WHEN THE CONDITIONS ARE CHANGEABLE I SHOULD BE CAREFUL AND NOT HOON PAST 991s, M5s, GT3s etc etc AND THEN END UP IN THE BLOODY GRAVEL! Pride comes before a fall and I'm lucky that all that happened was a little kitty litter, and no damage to the car (except for my alloys a little bit. Boooooo hiss... ). From watching the video back it seems to me that I could have turned in. At the time, initially, I damn sure couldn't turn in. I'd have ended up hitting the gravel side on and rolling the car. I was doing 90 as I went under the gantry. But by the time I actually leave the track: I strongly think with my wits about me I could have made a late turn in and saved myself from causing a red flag! In any case, shit happens. I've been on 7 or 8 trackdays in total, more than one a year.. And never left the track too far. I'm glad that if my confidence is going to get knocked back - that it happened in a way that I got away with basically!

Other than that, I loved the day out. Loved it. I got some tuition from an ARDS instructor and it's incredible how a 10% change in your lines or approach can make such a massive difference! I thought I was "on it" until I got him in the passenger seat. He's telling me to flat it and at times I just can't believe that I could do it..

I'm looking forward to the next similar day! And thanks again to Nick Wright from bmwcc for organising!

Hope you enjoyed the writeup


ps. As I said, a bunch more pics available on the flickr link from the trackday photographer Darren Teagles. There are some other great shots so if I've not bored you enough I recommend you check them out here!
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