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Originally Posted by dluke View Post
OK guys and gals.. so i added all of the location data for the locations of speed/red light cameras and police speed traps.. the only thing is that all of the data for the locations of all the red light cameras and speed traps is from 2011.. so if anyone knows how or where to get data for the speed and red light camera please let me know.. but if anyone would like a copy of the region 2 disk with 2011 red light and speed camera locations added just shoot me a pm and then ill post a link once a few people are seeding.. also i can do the same for the region 1 disk when i get it, if anyone would like

lastly.. unfortunately im at work right now so i wont be able to burn and test it, to make sure its working correctly, until tonight.. so please feel free to pm me and i will get you the link as soon as i test it tonight
Not trying to hijack, just quick question. Is there a way to make all red light cameras show on the map. The only thing I can find is how to set my destination to a red light camera.