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FBO running Procede 2.5 with meth/ nitrous. Had this code for years and car ran perfect. Had this code since procede started reading codes and everytime I cleared the sucker it came right back. Left it alone for awhile until it totally failed and the car wouldn't run anything past 4500k rpms. If I drove normal it would run fine. Once I go past 4000-4500k rpms the car would buck and feel like someone slammed on the brakes and then it would feel like its running on 3 cylinders which it was as there was also a 29dc code for injector cutoff. Diagnose the LP fuel sensor was totally wack with INPA reading the Measurement Block 6 readings and it showed the sensor was totally bricked as the values from the readings were not moving at all which a functional sensor would be hovering around 5000 Hpa. Changed out the sensor and Cleared the error and car is running better than ever. Code has not come back at all. Fuel trims also seemed to have stabilized from logs but my car has never run better then after changing out this sensor. Could you possibly have the luck of installing a new sensor that was faulty again?? This is quite possible and If it was my car I would change it out to another one just to rule it out. Good luck

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