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Originally Posted by ToothDoc View Post
Go ahead do it... but you have to work hard. You have to work harder than your competition. NO matter what you do, if you are better, cheaper, and faster, you'll win over customers and business. Over time, you will have to change over to using people (employees) to make money for you.

Having said that, are you sure you are ready to give up everything for the sake of your business? I mean, work 70+ hours a week and give up social live and fancy food, drink, cars, vacations? If you aren't, don't do it. I started my own business at 29. Worked, worked and worked. Lost 1/2 my hair, got 10-20 points higher BP, lost my youth. But now, at 39 I'm doing fine. My gamble was to sacrifice TEN years of my life so I could enjoy the rest of my life. Will you sacrifice 10 years of the PRIME of your life for it? My back hurts, my eyes are tired, I'm old, but now I enjoy life... Only you know if it is worth it. TEN years is a LONG time and IMO, I was lucky.
I'm going on my third year. I'm 36 I work 7 days week, 15 hrs a day. My back hurts, my eyesight is getting worse , Cancelled my gym membership from inactivity. I can't remember the last time I had a chance to sit down and enjoy a nice dinner, Don't get me started about the wife and kids. But I can't let it fail because I put too much money in it. Money that is not mine. So bring on the 10 years or more because I'm in it to win it..
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