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Originally Posted by 1lyfe View Post

I love my BMW's! to the point where i've somewhat become a BMW DB..
Yup, You wil definately see me at the meets.
Just maybe not the winter meets,,,i remember the last one we had we all ended up freezing to death...
*cough cough* Revision2..great idea for a winter meet *cough* lol

probably just my camera sucks lol. Every picture was taken with a different camera.
Lol..and here I was thinking of making it an annual event! Man, you organize one bad meet and it sticks to you for life. For the record I didn't force anyone to come or stay till their legs froze. Stupid mother nature. Lesson learned not to play chicken with old man winter, if I end up being crazy and trying to organize another it'd be an indoor meet.... perhaps go karting / paintball? :P