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To give the images some context:

What we have in the first picture is the LPFP upgrade. It utilizes a Wal 400 E85 pump, mounted in a custom FFTEC housing. It is ran inline, after, the stock fuel pump to retain all factory venturi/bernoulli principal valves. No hacking of the stock fuel pump/hanger (which you risk damaging in the process), and no hacking of stock fuel feed lines. The upgrade eliminates the need to buy another factory LPFP, ever.

Second pic shows the fantastically designed, surge tank and Fuel Lab PWM fuel pump system we designed for Shivs car. Probably the most elaborate system I have personally seen/done on a BMW 335i to date. The picture shown is actually not the finished product, but was the "in process" photo. The photo is missing a second FPR to maintain a specific fuel pressure IN the surge tank as well -- Did I mention elaborate? Lots of R&D went into the setup to be sure it was 100% correct.

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