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Originally Posted by TenshiWingusu View Post
OL fueling is almost maxed in those sectors. The aggressive maps have a sharp OLFC gradient into the boost curve. The autotuning maps max my trims at OLF 100% as well, but since the map has a lower fuel correction table i hit 34% fuel trim immediately and my AFR goes to 20... Knock much?
It appears that my fuel pressure is ok because its higher at the trouble spots than it is at 6000rpm does that make sense?
The OL fueling map isn't maxed-out unless it reads 100 in those cells which is likely doesn't. If you don't have the flash, I had my OL values (map, not global) in the 60's to keep the trims from maxing, but that comes with some trade-offs. The flash fixed all that, for the most part.