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Originally Posted by lemans 330d View Post
why would anyone want a cracked rear,or would it be to put on their car and take it to the dealers to get it changed for a new one under what BMW call goodwill.
Yes Chris .

I had a lengthy chat at my dealers thursday , They said the new 225ms are modified so it wont happen again , So I said it is a known fault on early 225s and he agreed ,I explained to save me time as it is very likely the other will break why dont you do them both ,, He said if it isnt broke we don't , I have a 325I that has 3 sets off coil packs replaced and is on its 2 nd set off injectors , Also a known fault and one goes you replace all off them as its a known fault .

Now if a wheel lets go it is a proper PITA and ruins a tyre that goodwill wont pay for correct yes also safety implications etc,

I ended up losing the will to live talking to the service guy as in no crack no replace but if you can crack it bring it back and get the modified one

Think im done with BMW he also said the rumours off loads cracking are just that it is really unusual but from my understanding from a mate who works there it is very common and thats why they look and find them broken on mots and service work

The dealers are now cutting large chunks out of the cracked ones or drilling big holes in them so they dont come round time and again being sold on ebay.

I would like to get both my wifes rears to the new version but seams it must break first

Am I being weird not wanting my wife driving round with the kids in a car with a known fault should I just pay them 550 to replace the other for peace of mind then sell it on ebay or here as in the earlier model knowing im sort of passing the problem on ?

Has the service guy fed me a line and in fact the new one is just as likly to crack and im being a overly worried customer.

what do you think