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Originally Posted by Amini77 View Post
I agree. I'll stick with this I can live with it for another 5+ years if nothing pops up lol
Dude, don't even think about trading your ultimate driving machine for a cheaply built piece of ***t.

You can't do anything with these extra horses, because your can't properly bring those horses to the asphalt... The road handling of the BMW is so much better; I don't even know where to start. Believe me, I've rented a Mustang and know what i'm talking about. I wouldn't dare to drive a Mustang at speeds over 100mph on the autobahn. But a BMW rides like a charm at 125mph.

And what about the design of the STRAIGHT SIX CYLINDER engine? Read about it online. BMW was the (or one of the first) manufacturer's of straight six cylinders. The technology is superb. A V6 is one big design compromise in order to avoid vibrations because of the naturally unbalanced setup of the engine etc.

Your BMW is a great machine. It will last forever. Imagine you keep it for another 10 years. Just because you like the car. Imagine you paid off your car in the next 5 years. Then, during the following 5 years, you put all your money, that would otherwise be spent on car payments, in a savings account. That is, say (at least) $400 per month. If you save that for 5 years in a row, you have $24,000 (!), (or $22,586 in today's money @ 2.5% annual inflation). There is a lot of nice things you can do for that money... If only a vacation to Europe to drive a BMW on the autobahn...