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Suspension Upgrade Advice

Hey Folks,

I've owned my 2010 335xi for a little over two years now and I'm starting to get to that point where some things really need upgrading. I'll hopefully be doing ECU tune soon, but I'm also sick and tired of how the XI's look like a 4X4 stock. I also want the car to handle much better.

My question is, should I go the coilovers route or not. I know that the coilovers will cost me about double, and so i'm trying to decide if it's worth it for my purposes. If it is, i'll save and wait.

My reasoning for upgrading is (1) for the stance (though I don't want it slammed) and (2) handling on the road. However, while I absolutely love spirited driving, this car will never ever be tracked. I'm also very concerned about (3) ride quality. I definitely don't want to sacrifice ride quality too much. I'm often in this car with my wife and/or other people. With that said, I also just switched to non run-flats, so I think I have some room for stiffer ride.

I've heard really good things about the TC-Kilne's in terms of handling and ride quality. Also, as they are coilovers, I can adjust them to the exact stance I like.

I've also heard really good things about the Bilstein - Eibach combo discussed in another thread here. It seems this combo also gives great handling and ride quality and stance.

So, how do I determine if I should shell out the extra cash for coil overs? What makes coilovers worth the extra cash? Is there a clear advantage in handling? Honestly, thats what I've always thought (in addition to being able to adjust your height). You should also know that, although I live in NJ, I won't be adjusting the stance during the winter. I know it's an XI, but if the snow is too high, I just won't drive it. Also, while I love the car, I'm not so anal where I'm afraid to drive it through snow (salty snow). I have a winter beater, and so the 335 is not currently my daily driver. I'm not afraid of the few days of snow.

Also, feel free to chime in different setups that you think are good. I'm not insterested in KW, Bilstein or H&R coilovers. I've read too many posts where everyone says they are too harsh.


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