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Originally Posted by kiwi29 View Post
Hmm... whenever I see comparison tests, the v1 always signalled me about 1 to 2 seconds ahead and those few seconds count when you're flying at 80. Which passport do you have?
9500I. Love it. Again Im not biased as Ive had them both. If you are ok with falses but need those arrows then thats the way to go. I refuse to turn off any bands of radar after I spend $400 bucks. My V1 treated me very well and I do miss knowing where the radar comes from but at the same time I dont miss every CVS, WalMart, Speed Sign, Airport, 7-11 setting mine off. Also the Screen acts as a spedo on the passport so you know how fast you are actually going instead of what the gauge in the dash is making you think your going.

In terms of sensativity it depends on where it mounted, how its mounted and so on. They are truly apples and apples. The downside of the Passport is when the radar goes off the red light starts flashing, your screen tells you how fast your going incase you didnt know, then it tells you the band. Audible will give away which band as they all have thier own distinct sound but as a beginner you will panic every time till you know.