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Hey submariner what's up man? That is really good to know!!

Tim actually told me yesterday they were putting a master tech on the case because they wanted it fixed 110%.

There's also like a whirring whining rattle between 1-2 rpm's when the car is fully warmed up that they're supposed to look into, and a metallic- like rattle coming from the drivers side door, along with the sound coming from the back deck when it's cold like styrofoam egg cartons squeaking

I dropped it off Thursday night and kept it through Friday so I'm sure they're giving it all their efforts.

I haven't seen those guys in a while so I figured I'd pay them a visit- yes they are always spot on- excellent folks!

I know we have convertibles and there are little squeaks and rattles here and there that we must put up with due to the nature of our cars, but these three sounds are definitely pronounced and definitely not normal!