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A lot of us, males especially, take pleasure in well constructed and precisely made objects. In these days of electronics, it is piss easy to make a very accurate watch but to have a highly accurate watch (though not as good as the best electronic ones) made from mechanical moving parts is something to be respected and admired and requires exquisite design and tiny moving parts.

When you then add complications into basically the same size of watch (like phases of the moon, perpetual calendar, etc.) it just becomes a hell of a lot harder and even more impressive. Patek are one of the oldest Swiss watchmakers and one of the best, so the desirability of the brand just increases.

Add on a slight restriction on supply against demand, glossy advertising and then quadruple the price to help exclusivity which is unfortunate for those who want such gorgeous time pieces for their own sake rather than for the exclusivity and wealth they indicate.

This isn't a slag, I'd still love a Calatrava!