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Procede flashed and now runs rich

I just got my DME back from getting the Procede flash. My trims are amazing now, but the car runs too rich.

This is a log from a 3rd gear run on the stg3 E85 50/50 map

From the read me file it states: "Expect to see an AFR target of ~14.5:1 up to 4500rpm, gradually enriching to ~12.5:1 by 7000rpm."

And you can see that I am way richer than that, never touching 14.5 and in fact I'm in the 11's the entire rpm band until after 6K rpm. My OL fueling is set to 80 and I havn't touched any other setting.

What do I need to change, where do I change it, and what numbers do i substitute in to get the AFR's to lean out?
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