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Originally Posted by Amini77 View Post
I have an '06 330xi and a friend of mine was telling me that I can get a 2011 Mustang V6 for 15-17k which is around what my car is worth (I have Cold Weather, Premium, and Sport Package) my car is fully loaded so I can probably sell it around 16k. After driving his E46 M3 I want more power but there isn't anything out there like a BMW. But then again I only have 255 hp and the mustang v6 comes with 305 hp. I'll have to spend a lot on my car to make it faster and even then it won't be as fast as a v6 mustang. I was planning on installing Coilovers, Intake, Headers, Quads, Mtech Body, AA tune, etc within the year but I'm now considering just going with a Mustang... what would you guys do? Mustang or stick with my 330 and throw all the mods on? Don't really want to leave the euro scene lol. If the argument is just for looks the e90 wins but I honestly don't mind for looks, let's keep performance in mind. Thanks guys!
BMW v. Ford??? I'll stick with the BMW, thank you.

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