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Originally Posted by Nate4641 View Post
You forgot one. Theres also the people who are trying to be smart asses and want to see how police officers react. There are plenty of videos on youtube of assclowns like this who spent 10 seconds reading the first thing that came up on google then head out with a camera and a firearm. A lot of them are trying to make cops look like idiots for not knowing every detail of every law.

(cant figure out how to embed the video. Embed code didnt work)
You are correct. That cat IS an assclown. That cop did a great job, and he didn't rise to the bait. He also knew his law, and I like how the kid was stammering at the end because his knowledge of the law was a thin veneer. The bottom line is that during that encounter, the officer did not need consent to verify the status of the firearm, and anyone who would deliberately walk around with a weapon like that shouldered in broad daylight has serious issues.

Good find Nate.

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