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Originally Posted by kenneth
Originally Posted by Bimmerista View Post
If you have to mod it to make it good, just buy the one that's already good enough (gt3)
that is what porsche wants! They do not want the Cayman sales to cannibalize the 911, which is why they limit power. With the price of the new GT3 RS you can get 2 Cayman S with engine swapped for bigger 4l one. Mayme you'll even have spare change left.
I agree that Porsche is concerned about canibalisation and deliberately underpowered the Cayman. It is also clear to me that the Cayman is a better balanced car as well being mid-engined.

However the difference between a GT3 and a Cayman extend beyond simply power. I would consider a CaymanR if/once they come out. But until then the 911 GT3 and GTS (for those who need a back seat and can't have 2 Porsches) are the Bomb for me.
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