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Originally Posted by BigFoig View Post
So I went to get my scheduled oil change today as well as the vehicle inspection as per the maintenance schedule on the BMW.

I went to a dealership in the GTA. The reason I'm leaving the name out is because they resolved the issue by offering me a full vehicle polishing on my next visit.

But I wanted to show you guys how if there was no recording how SOL I would be.

So I asked the service advisor for no wash he said ok.

30 mins later he comes back and tells me they hand washed it. So I said ok that's fine. Didn't like it but better than getting a soft cloth wash.

I went outside to inspect the car and there was a lot of swirls marks on the hood and fenders. Plus the car was dripping and areas normally washed when hand washed were not washed. (i.e gap between the mirrors)

Thankfully I have the new S3 now because I can plug my sd card into the external mem slot and review footage off the phone.

What I saw shocked me. They gave me a soft cloth car wash even though the service advisor told me that it was hand washed.

So I went back inside to complain and the manager went outside with me to inspect the vehicle and he concluded that if I asked for no wash and got a wash and recieved the swirls than he will comp me a vehicle polishing.

Thanks blackvue you saved the day.

I've had friends tell me that they had a swirless car but after service they recieved a swirled car and were SOL because they couldn't prove the swirls weren't there before.

Thanks to the video footage you can't argue back.
Do you keep an eye on your wife too.