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Originally Posted by Sylon
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Anyone else see a problem with the knifing in this game. Everytime i try to knife somebody i go right through them, they turn around shoot me and im dead. So far i am really not liking this game at all, going to play it one last time tonight and then i probably will be selling it to a coworker on friday.

A lot of people are complaining about the knifing in this game. I heard from a YouTuber that Treyarch tried to get rid of the infamous knife lunge, and may have gone too far.

They say that, but the other day I was knife lunged from a good 10ft away by an enemy player. I mean, he was nowhere near me, then bam, knifed. It was a very generous lunge, even by other COD comparisons.
Yea knife range has been reduced drastically. There was one time I knifed someone and they didn't die, but they got hurt. I even got tick marks from it. Also it once took me 6 attempts to knife someone from behind. Luckily the guy was unaware if my presence.