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Originally Posted by ign335i View Post
A lot of propaganda here. My favorite bits are speculation on breaking the suction valve, that your fuel gauge wouldn't work with another solution, and that you need to break the stock LP unit when it is clear you can just drop a Walbro E85 pump in. Ironically the inline booster pump uses a Walbro E85 pump anyway to patch up underperforming stock system. I'd love to see how the pump is cooled (since intank pumps need to be in tank to cool). If it is intank, well then guess who's fuel gauge isn't reading accurately.

Last thing, its already been demonstrated the DIY E85 Walbro holds LP at 100% ethanol and 500+rw on RBs (demands more fuel than single turbos). In fact much past this you will see HP start to fall, indicating the $200 DIY eliminates LP issues.

I guess once we see more details this pump setup could look better, but so far I am unimpressed. I have been waiting for a LPFP upgrade and was honestly expecting a lot more than this. Not just a copy of the DIY Walbro slapped on top of the stock unit. I will wait a little longer for more info and results, but its not looking good!

But just remember Vishnu had been working on this far far longer than when that DIY popped up. A lot of R&D has gone into this and the other fuel system components soon to be discussed, I wouldn't throw this out as a viable option just yet.

thanks to MGallop