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scooba - got it through my usual source.
Let's just say the sale of this watch was made worth while from my point of view.

Kev - Alan has explained very well. Watch makers charge what they want in the name of exclusivity. Interestingly for some brands the difference between steel models and precious metal models isn't even relative.

Alan - Calatrava is a beautiful watch ... I am a little biased though :-D I like the simpler and cleaner looking watches too. I think you'd like the Breguet Classique.

Gizze - I haven't photographed the real presentation box. Its very pretty and weighs an absolute ton, its still in bubble wrap/cardboard transport box. The box I've photographed is a transit box. Consumers don't usually see these but this is how most watches come to the retailer, who at the POS transfer the watch to its presentation box.

Craig & Davy - I respect your opinions. Thank you for wishing me well.