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Originally Posted by Sean@FFTEC View Post
To answer a few questions.

Many people were wondering how we were supporting the fuel system on Shiv's car earlier this year. Now everybody knows. We were actually running a prototype version of this system at the shift sector event back in February and have logged approximately 20k miles. This is a heavily tested product.

This has played a crucial role (not the sole reason by any means) in Shiv's car producing over 600 whp on our mustang dyno on 100% e85 without changing methanol nozzles.

Our inline fuel pump remains intank so there are no issues with the pump overheating.

The installation of the fuel pump leaves all factory siphons intact and does not obstruct any of the fuel level sending units.

The fuel pump remains on at all times running variable voltage and reducing the strain on the factory fuel pump.

The efficiency of the Walbro fuel pump is increased at high fuel pressures because it is being fed instead of actually drawing in fuel. Shiv and I have had several conversations with high performance fuel pump engineers on this topic.

I will post this in the other thread as well.
So the next question is: when will this be released to the single turbo guys?
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